[AusNOG] metadata conference on SkyNews

Ross Wheeler ausnog at rossw.net
Tue Aug 12 10:06:15 EST 2014

> Now the cost of making that 10 days, say 2 years is partly if not fully 
> recoverable, because every time a valid request is received, the ISP can 
> charge the Agency ‘a reasonable fee’ for recovering that 
> information.

Except that we (ISPs) need to foot 100% of the bill on the "off chance" 
someone will later ask for the data.

In 19 years I've had a handful of requests for such information.
None of them came with the required paperwork - it was just Mr Plod turned 
up, unannounced and wanted information - was sent away to get the requesit 
paperwork, and never returned.

If they want us to keep the data that THEY MIGHT WANT but that WE would 
otherwise NOT KEEP, then I say they can damn well provide the disks and 
contribute something towards the costs BEFORE implementation, not 
"possibly, after the event, maybe"

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