[AusNOG] metadata conference on SkyNews

Terry Sweetser (SkyMesh CTO) terry+AusNOG at skymesh.net.au
Tue Aug 12 09:48:42 EST 2014

A general correction here -- it is a mapping of 'IP Address' to 'Account 

The 'Account Holder' may be even be living at the address, or even be a 
nartural person, possibly a corporation.

Each request for data I get from QPS asks for "Account Data" like 
billing address and even credit card details.

(They can't have the CC details, they're hidden from me and all staff 
using tokenisation.)

I would assume you could defend yourself in court with "I may pay the 
bill, but I did not download that ... "

Add an expert witness to explain open proxies, back doors, etc, and you 
have the scenario where an ordinary internet user can't be held 100% 
responsible for everything on their internet service.


On 11/08/14 11:49, Mark Newton wrote:
> Notwithstanding that they can never get a “user->IP” mapping, they can 
> only get a subscriber->IP mapping.

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