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You had better watch that coffee machine abuse….I hear that PACMA (People Against Coffee Machine Abuse) is gearing up to make their voice known at the next election, and as you know you only need a single mad b..tard in the Senate pushing their own agenda to some mad silly bill passed, and whala, it will be written into discrimination law that you will be prosecuted for abusing coffee machine.

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The amount of times I've logged abuse jobs with residential ISPs and gotten "we don't know who was doing it, can't do anything" would make me want ISPs to store temporal username->IP so as to save me yelling so much at the coffee machine. :)


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There's an interview (unedited transcript) with Malcolm Turnbull published in today's iTnews which may be of interest:


According to Mr Turnbull, they just want to compel carriers to keep the record of customer-to-IP allocation record for a minimum of two years.  He's pretty clear that he doesn't see any requirement for keeping what users actually do with that IP address to be kept - he states that this is a matter for law enforcement agencies to determine separately, and the reason they want the customer IP allocation data kept is to tie a visit to a site/service which is determined through standard police work back to an end-user should that be required at some point.

Of course, anyone doing anything "naughty" would be an idiot to do so without somehow obscuring their source IP address to start with (Tor, VPN, etc), so I still don't see that what they're saying they want to keep will be particularly useful, but at this stage, if Mr Turnbull is to be believed, this particular issue, at this point, does seem to have been either blown out of all proportion, or the politicians have backed down REAL fast after realising just how much of a backlash their announcement received.  I won't comment on which I perceive to me more likely. :)

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