[AusNOG] metadata conference on SkyNews

Andrew Jones aj at jonesy.com.au
Fri Aug 8 16:21:25 EST 2014

What wasn't clear to me was: although they only want details of who had 
x IP address at a particular date/time without a warrant, what happens 
when they get a warrant to get more details? Will they then be pursuing 
ISPs for _historical_ details of which IPs that IP address communicated 
with, or merely getting access via lawful intercept set up _after_ the 
warrant is executed?

I didn't hear that question asked or answered clearly, but maybe I just 
missed it...

On 08.08.2014 15:33, Noel Butler wrote:
> They don't care where you go, all they want to know is which end user
> had at time.date within last 2 years.
> no need to learn netflow or any such crap, your radius logs will do 
> fine.
> if you read that differently, then you and I certainly watch two
> different programs
>  http://youtu.be/yiGQkoPADi4 [2] IIRC its about 3 or so mins in.
> On 08/08/2014 15:10, Paul Wallace wrote:
>> Malcolm Turnbull was on the telly this morning stating unequivocally 
>> that they do not plan to mandate the collection & retention of "web 
>> pages' rather "just the IP address'.
>> I'm struggling to accept this because it would be valueless intel to 
>> some degree, in that a single IP often leads you to a web host that's 
>> hosting many websites via the same IP
>> If that host was hosting MANY websites it would difficult to figure 
>> out precisely which site the person of interest was browsing!
>> Watch for slippage in relation to that particular claim
>> -P
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>> Clearly if you need source and destination of every packet then 
>> sFlow just doesn't cut the mustard.
>> Also as clear (to us, if not them) if you're NOT collecting said 
>> 'meta data' on every single packet then why bother capturing any?
>> Or are you hoping to capture every N-th terrorist plot, 
>> kiddie-porn-ographer or other bogey-man of the moment?
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