[AusNOG] Deciding on Juniper vs. Brocade

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Again, make sure it supports everything you need before you buy. I found things like Ethernet Ring protection and QinQ can be late in delivery. Also the 45/42 can do far more routes if you want to use them as IP routers. The EX4600 looks kick arse though.


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I am waiting to play with the ex4600 :)



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4200’s virtual chassis with 4550’s over VCP and 1/10G ports. They are older but have a more comprehensive layer2 and layer3 feature set. It often takes a year or so for some of the lesser used features to be supported in the newer devices (check the specs that everything you need is in there if you go for the 4300). The 4200-24F is all SFP, and the 4550 can come in all SFP/+.


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We upgraded from our EX4200 units to EX4300s at our main corporate office once the cabling arrangements got out of hand in our server room. Both are good switches, but the 4200s didn’t come with any fibre options and could only 'virtual chassis’ with other 4200 units via a dedicated VCP channel on the back. We had three racks and were running quite long CAT6 cables from 2 of the racks into the one with the 4200s in them. We instead opted for a single EX4300 as a top of rack switch for the two server racks and 3 x EX4300 for end-user terminations. The two top-of-rack switches are connected back to the end-user switches by 10 gigabit optics (official Juniper) and the end-user switches are interconnected using the ports on the back. All 5 switches operate in a virtual chassis.


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