[AusNOG] (Meta-)Data Retention

Terry Sweetser (SkyMesh CTO) terry+AusNOG at skymesh.net.au
Tue Aug 5 14:48:16 EST 2014


Appears I have been misunderstood.


On 05/08/14 14:33, Ross Wheeler wrote:
>> As an IT service person they would presumably need to get a 
>> warrant/court order/consult your lawyer to compel you to give over 
>> the private keys (which isn't to say you wouldn't get some vaguely 
>> worded threatening letter demanding them) .
> Makes a really good case for changing keys more frequently than the 
> time it would take for said warrant/court-order/etc to be provided, so 
> whatever they'd captured with "old key" couldn't be decoded with 
> "current key".
> (Or as said, key escrew where you never even actually KNOW your key) 

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