[AusNOG] Request: Contact for DEEWR in regards to IPv6 access to https://ecsn.gov.au/ Website

Reuben Farrelly reuben-ausnog at reub.net
Sun Mar 31 21:12:57 EST 2013

On 31/03/2013 8:07 PM, Mark Newton wrote:
>> Very odd.  I am also on an Internode ADSL connection.
>> The full URL to the web client version which works in a browser appears to be:
>> https://ecsn.gov.au/ECSN/
> That URL works fine from here. Internode ADSL, on IPv4 and IPv6.
> Maybe they're reading AusNOG and fixed it.

They did.  It was fixed just after 3pm by removing one of the two AAAA 
records which by the sounds of it shouldn't have been there in the first 

Thanks to Tim Smith - only just realised he didn't CC the list at the time.


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