[AusNOG] Request: Contact for DEEWR in regards to IPv6 access to https://ecsn.gov.au/ Website

Kevin Karp ausnog at pps.com.au
Sun Mar 31 14:38:06 EST 2013

Hi Reuben

Ditto, no web response on either v4 or v6 (from an Internode ADSL 


Kevin Karp
[e] kevin at ipv6now.com.au
[p] +61 2 9212 6044
[w] ipv6now.com.au

Hey Reuban,

I can't connect via v4 or v6. Requests to either timeout.

Im coming from iinet/internode.

But I can telnet on both v6/v4 to the addresses resolved from the hostname mentioned.

imac1:~ mark$ telnet 443
Connected to idc4.deewr.gov.au.
Escape character is '^]'.

imac1:~ mark$ telnet 2406:4c00:0:245::212:44 443
Trying 2406:4c00:0:245::212:44...
Connected to 2406:4c00:0:245::212:44.
Escape character is '^]'.

-- Mark

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