[AusNOG] Pipenetworks Fibre Connection

Mischa King mischa at webaction.com.au
Tue Mar 26 22:52:34 EST 2013

After almost 3 months of waiting for the normal course of ordering a fibre
Mostly the Telstra embargo and building owner aproval, our Pipenetworks
project manager has locked in tomorrow morning for the contracts to pull
the fibre into the building and into our coms.

Since I know that Beven your on this list, and many others that have worked
with these Pipenetworks services.

Is there anything I should know, as all I have been told is that we require
a pppoe router to allow for our 100Mbs Layer 3 service?

I have a cisco 1941 router that I was going to use.
It's my understanding that this router should have enough guts to full use
the 100Mbs service.

All comments are welcome.

P.S. Does anyone know if I can get IPv6 on Pipe?
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