[AusNOG] Straw poll: what is your email message size limit?

Rod Veith rod at rb.net.au
Tue Mar 26 15:59:30 EST 2013

Email is one of the best business productivity tools going around.

If techs are saying email wasn't designed for large attachments or to send
data efficiently, then methinks the emailing standards need to be upgraded
for today's world.

PS: 10MB, upgrading soon, probably to 25MB.


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> It's 2013.  Email *is* designed for file sharing - that's why every 
> email client has an "attach file" button on it, and why we have 
> protocols like MIME.

People complain and call for government intervention for the "excessive" 
10% surcharge cabcharge applies, and the "excessive" 2-5% credit card

How'd they feel if they were made aware of the 33% "surcharge" file
attachments via email are costing them (especially those sending and
receiving them over 3G or other pay-per-byte delivery media).

MIME is an (expensive) workaround to move files via a mechanism that was
never intended to send binary data. That it does so is more a testiment to
people ingenuity. Doesn't make it "the right tool for the job" though, even
if mail clients DO have an "Attach" button.
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