[AusNOG] Selling PIX 525

James McMillan JMcMillan at rivalea.com.au
Tue Mar 26 14:21:48 EST 2013

I've jumped on there as well, would love someone with the ability to check the list to let us know how many have signed up.


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Im on there!

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Question is... is anyone even on that list yet?  Not much point sending things if there is 3 people there.

I've signed up... many others? Can someone tell us how many are on the list?  Then it might get some movement.


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On 21/03/13 4:30 AM, Terry Manderson wrote:


"This list is for the notification of any second-hand or surplus

networking or data centre related hardware, components, or IPv4 address

blocks that are for sale or trade. It can also be used for AusNOG

participants to seek used hardware. The list is for network operators

to post to, not vendors to advertise on. Further this is NOT a discussion

list, all responses MUST be sent to the original poster, not this list.

Failure to adhere to this will result in removal of posting rights or


The list address is classifieds at ausnog.net<mailto:classifieds at ausnog.net>, to subscribe to the list head to:


The subject prefix on posts is set to [AusNOG Classifieds].

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On 26/03/13 1:22 PM, Chris Barnes wrote:
im moving and getting rid of some stuff ive been hanging on to. One of those is a Cisco PIX 525 with Unrestricted License bundle, a Quad FA NIC, and a single FA NIC totalling 7 interfaces.

It doesn't have a power supply but it worked fine when it did have a power supply. The power supply was pinched to repair another unit.

Hoping for somewhere around $50 but I'll consider offers.

Anyone interested?

Kind Regards,

Christopher Barnes

e. chris.p.barnes at gmail.com<mailto:chris.p.barnes at gmail.com>


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