[AusNOG] the new AusNOG list for selling kit

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No Skeeve, Caveat Emptor is what Fathers say to their sons.

Misrepresenting stuff when trying to sell it in Australian is both unlawful & un-Australian and your repeating that wrong advice does this list a disservice.

We just don't need that kind of spirit being promulgated by senior members such as yourself.

Given the upcoming 'kit sales list' what we need is a spirit of 'do the right thing by your mates lest we tap you on the shoulder.

The poor old AusNOG Board are going to lose their lives in sorting out associated problems in the future where we encourage bad behaviour.

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Firstly - Caveat Emptor - Let the buyer beware.

Secondly - If you have a problem with ausnog, you should approach them directly.

It is uncool to accuse anyone of anything unless there is context.  You've come out and accused someone, but not by name, of something that no one here knows anything about.

AusNOG is not a place that many people who are actively involved would get away with doing something dodgy.... lest their reputation would be ruined.

If you have a legitimate issue, you should be talking to the seller, and figuring out the how and why.  Do you really think it was a purposeful, malicious sale from someone shonky? or an unfortunate situation?

Just remember, AusNOG is an audience and would be subject to libel action depending on the facts.  Also, in some cases, truth isn't necessarily a defence... that said... I probably wouldn't be naming names. AusNOG isn't the place for this either way and I would take it offline - and preferably sort out the situation with whomever you have the issue with.

Also, from your tone, I would guess you are pretty angry... perhaps you should relax, have a beer, enjoy the weekend and ponder over things before you take them further... mediate perhaps?


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AusNOG -

Please consider how you might address rouges going forward where they attempt to leverage the goodwill of the list by selling dodgy.

We've recently become a victim to a shonk from WA purporting to be a meritorious member of this list but selling faulty kit.

We plan to submit a formal complaint to AusNOG shortly seeking to have this member removed from the list amongst other things.


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