[AusNOG] dot1q-tunnel and cisco nexus 5000s

Peter Tiggerdine ptiggerdine at gmail.com
Fri Mar 22 14:52:01 EST 2013

> my understanding is that PVLANs are about creating relationships between
> physical ports, right? i want to build relationships between virtual
> interfaces on vms. i only ever skim the doco on those so i could be wrong.
> i think i'll byte the bullet and ask the central guys for a chunk of vlan
> tags i can use as i see fit within my space. either that or hack svlan
> support into my hypervisor.
> dlg

VMware has the capabilties to support PVLANS on DVS's (I'd assume 1kv can
do it as well) which includes community PVLAN's so it's possible to have
inter-VM communications without providing configuration in the N5K..

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