[AusNOG] More IP's for sale (/19 and /20's)

McDonald Richards McDonald.Richards at vocus.com.au
Wed Mar 20 11:47:28 EST 2013

Purely out of curiosity how are folks treating the capital gains tax on an
asset that, in theory, cost $0?


On 20/03/13 11:37 AM, "Joseph Goldman" <joe at apcs.com.au> wrote:

>Previous sales I have gotten ridiculous offers such as $2-5 per IP,
>which is where my second comment comes from.
>People are more than welcome to bid lower then the perceived market
>rate, however there is a line of genuine offer and silly bidding. At the
>end of the day I take the best offer that has been presented to me.
>On 20/03/13 11:11 AM, Karl Auer wrote:
>> On Wed, 2013-03-20 at 09:38 +1000, Noel Butler wrote:
>>> On Wed, 2013-03-20 at 09:13 +1100, Joseph Goldman wrote:
>>>>    I have more IP's to sell. Please contact me off-list. /19 and /20's
>>>> only. MAY be willing to split down to a /21 if you can bring a second
>>>> buyer with you to take the whole /20.
>>>>    Please, only serious bidders only. Please recognise current market
>>>> rates are $15+ per IP.
>>> whos market rate?
>> The "market rate", absent lots and lots of trading where prices for
>> trades can be seen and thus affect future trades, is whatever someone
>> will pay for it. I don't thing there is a market in that sense just yet,
>> but one is certainly building.
>> What's interesting for me in the above quote (and don't get me wrong,
>> Joseph, I am not having a go at you) is the tone: "I have what you need
>> and you'll buy on my terms". The terms suggested might have been imposed
>> on Joseph by the actual seller, or they might be "tough talk" designed
>> to soften up potential buyers before they even enter negotiations. Or
>> they might be an indication that previous buyers have been so desperate,
>> the Joseph now feels he can impose such terms with impunity.
>> I would love to know what Joseph ends up getting for the space :-)
>>> Thats 3 dollars per IP more than the few offers  I've had in recent
>>> weeks, including since my comment on similar thread late last week
>> If those are offers, and not prices paid, then it rather suggests that
>> you are holding out for a higher price, which rather suggests that you
>> think you might get one :-)
>> All of the above is purest speculation from someone not involved in the
>> IPv4 address market at all, of course.
>> Regards, K.
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