[AusNOG] IPv6 tunnels and resources

Kevin Karp ausnog at pps.com.au
Sun Mar 10 22:37:50 EST 2013

Hi Scott

Lest I be further accused of making a sales pitch, I am responding 
purely to address your concerns regarding our free product...

 > 10MB of outbound traffic per month (so what, maybe 50MB inbound given 
typical in/out ratios for TCP).

Being limits that we have not, so far, ever enforced in almost 5 years 
of operation. The limits are there mainly to safeguard us against 
possible unreasonable usage, as has occurred with other free tunnel 
services such as Freenet6.

The Freenet6 operators have had to limit the types of traffic allowed on 
their tunnels because of the bandwidth issues created by permitting 
Usenet/News traffic (http://www.gogo6.com/freenet6/service-status).

Our Try6 tunnels are not restricted in this fashion.

 > Whilst I give some small credit to IPv6Now for setting this up

I'm happy to accept any credit that's being offered, many thanks.

 > I can't really see why anyone would actually use it,

People use our tunnels because they work and they are useful.

 >and can't see it as being anything more than a marketing ploy to say 
you give free tunnels.  Or am I missing something?

I must presume that you are missing something, as we receive 
registrations from all over the world (particularly Asia, including 
Taiwanese university students, but also including Europe and America) 
every single day.

I am countering your expressed opinion with IPv6Now's actual real 
registrations that are happening every day. Ask yourself... why are 
people registering and using our service if it is just a "marketing ploy"?

Having said that, yes, we do like to say that we give free tunnels, and, 
yes, we do, indeed, give a free service - is that so bad?

Also, if I may explain... over the past 5 years we have constantly 
adjusted the parameters of both Try6 and Now6 in an endeavour to get the 
balance right. There have been some very animated and very heated 
internal discussions on this topic.

We know that we are working with a rapidly emerging and maturing 
population of users and prospects. We are trying to predict their needs 
in the almost total absence of any precedents or market statistics - not 
a simple task. Our crystal ball is decidedly foggy.

We don't claim to be perfect in this matter. We are happy to accept 
constructive, genuine feedback to improve our product parameters to suit 
the needs of our users and prospects.

Please feel free to speak up and let us know what to improve and we'll 
do it. But also please remember that we are a self-funded commercial 
enterprise working in a high risk, nascent, technical area.



Kevin Karp
[e] kjkarp at pps.com.au
[p] +61 2 9281 3905
[w] pps.com.au

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