[AusNOG] IPv6: The mail problem to AusNog - found the fault, but how to fix.

Don Gould don at bowenvale.co.nz
Sun Mar 10 16:06:34 EST 2013

Hi Ian,

Thanks, I think it's obvious I need to put some a sandpit in place to 
sort this, which is what I've been working on over the past 2 years.

Part of the driver for the post was to help draw more attention to why 
SME is being slow and why applications aren't changing as fast as some 
would like.

Some suggest that this is just simple and can be done with zero cost.

That's fine if you're working in a big orginisation with resources on 
hand that you can just leverage.

But the SME space is often made up of people and companies that just 
don't have these resources to hand.

Looking at just my case...  I could do with a APNIC account with a /22 
of resource so I can just set up a sand box to test this stuff out on 
without compromising systems I have in place for very low fee paying 
customers (part of what Jareds issue seems to be).

Such resource would come with as much v6 as I need.

Then I need to be able to announce all that resource to my providers.

One is not interested at all, one just can't do it with the NEW 
resources they have in place and the other wants hundreds of dollars 
from me just to do configurations to announce v4.

If I worked at Internode I'm sure I could just go get someone in the BGP 
team to sort that for me in return for helping them out with something 
next time they need a bit of extra help, even if that's just lugging the 
new $Server up the stairs...

I know this all sounds like a bunch of whinging and moaning to some, 
from a guy who just doesn't really seem to be that committed to even 

...but my personal experience is that when you get the debate going, 
engage others in the discussion and keep the issue alive, then the 
solutions do just seem to work their way in to the light of day.

On the other hand, if I just node quietly and do nothing....

Once I've got a sandbox in place I'll join the list and cross post.  I 
think I need to focus on putting the obvious bits in place before I 
start asking for more help.

Again, thanks for your input!!! :) :) :)


On 10/03/2013 5:03 p.m., ComKal Networks wrote:
> Hi Don,
> You could also move this over to the Bind users list were you
> might receive a lot of good help and ideas :)
> <https://lists.isc.org/mailman/listinfo/bind-users>
> Cheers
> Ian Manners
> ComKal Networks Australia
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