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I was wondering how long it would be till the IPv6Now guys popped up....
slower than I expected.


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On Sun, Mar 10, 2013 at 9:52 AM, Kevin Karp <ausnog at pps.com.au> wrote:

> Hello Ausnoggers
> As the MD of a company that specialises in IPv6, I have been observing the
> various IPv6 discussions that have been raging on the list with much
> interest.
> I have a slightly different perspective on some of the issues raised. I'll
> try to summarise them below:
> IPv6 Training - Where is it?
> May I suggest that people perform a search on the term "IPv6 Training
> Australia"(substitute country of choice).
> Just this week one of our trainers (Hi Mike) is up in Hong Kong delivering
> an IPv6 train-the-trainer course.
> Tunnels - are they evil?
> Maybe they are, but to me they are simply a technical solution that
> satisfies a need, even if not perfectly, they do so adequately.
> Tunnels - nobody uses them
> What I can say about them is that everyday (yes, literally, every day) we
> receive new registrations for the free tunnel service that we have been
> providing for almost 5 years now.
> I can also report that since the start of this year the level of interest
> in our commercial tunnel services has spiked up.
> Just for the record, we have a tunnels user data base that contains close
> to 19,000 registrations. Those 19,000 users can access, and do access, IPv6
> every day. They have done so for almost 5 years.
> And I don't hear a word of complaint.
> Does that mean that IPv6Now is dancing with the devil on the tunnels
> question?
> Probably.
> But hey if you really, and truly, are hating tunnels so much, there are
> plenty of native IPv6 transit providers out there. In my realm, I have
> Internode native IPv6 transit at home, Telstra native IPv6 transit at the
> office, NT&T native IPv6 transit at the DC, and Pipe IPv6 peering at the DC.
> Quite simply, if you don't like tunnels then don't use them (that's the
> way of capitalism)... but don't try to use your dislike of tunnels as a
> reason to hold off on IPv6 implementation.
> Tunnels - I can't find one in my locale
> Well there is an excellent summary here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/**
> List_of_IPv6_tunnel_brokers<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_IPv6_tunnel_brokers>
> Take your pick.
> IPv6 and Business Strategy
> This is the part of the discussion that dumbfounded me. In the list I saw
> young turks beating up on the old turks (like me) for not letting them into
> the technical solutions of the what? Of the PAST that's what.
> Over 13 years ago I was part of a push to awaken the Australian retail
> sector to both the threat and the promise that the Internet represented to
> their industry. The likes of Gerry Harvey responded with statements along
> the lines that nobody would ever buy a TV set off the Internet. In the
> meantime, a young turk (Ruslan Kogan) came along and simply did it - making
> a fortune in the process.
> My statement to this list, and to your corporate management, is simply and
> blatantly put:
> If you want to be in business in the immediate future you must implement
> IPv6 Now!
> Regards
> Kevin
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