[AusNOG] IPv6: The mail problem to AusNog - found the fault, but how to fix.

Don Gould don at bowenvale.co.nz
Sun Mar 10 09:32:50 EST 2013

On 9/03/2013 11:28 p.m., Noel Butler wrote:
>> I've got active ns on v4, though not on that offending server, it's 
>> actually pushing ns changes to an upstream.
>> I have discovered that I have no idea how PTR records work at all.
> Much the same as normal zones work
>> I've done a stack of reading and still don't understand how to set 
>> bind up.
> Well, my posts give you two working examples :) just remember in PTR 
> zones the hostnames must end with a period.
>    PTR      foo.bar.com.
> remember to pad out the zeros, no shortcuts, ::44 is
> where as in forward zones they do not and you enter them in as normal, 
> and you abbreviate the hostname , eg:
> foo    A    2a00:1c18::44

Ya, I already knew all that.  (Just saying so you get a better picture 
of where my understanding is at, not trying to be ungrateful :) )

> But you should play first in a kind of sandpit, because as you know 
> DNS is very important, if you screw it up, you can might as well pull 
> the ethernet cables out because you'll become just as invisible.
ya.  considered that.  Been thinking how and where I set up a sandpit.

>> I'm not even sure what questions to ask at present.
> Then you need to consider:
> 1/ is this going to be a cache server as well proving any lookups, or 
> only serving the delegated zone(s)
>     -  If true, then your config is minimal.
> 2/ do you intend to serve the domain hostname as well or just the 
> reverse zone for your ipv6 allocation.
>     -  If true, then it's just as simple.
> The Bind manual  "ARM9" is very handy with examples, as you'll see if 
> you compare my previous two examples with the manual.
> If you have any specific questions ARM or google cant answer, just 
> ask, though I usually only check this a/c once a day - nbles sits 
> miserable weather and I'm bored heh.
> Cya

Someone posted a link to a config generator.

I don't know what to do with the output it makes.

Clearly I just copy and paste it into a file and out it on the machine, 
but where?

Clearly that file needs to be linked into the existing config files in 
some way, but where?

I need to link it in such way that it doesn't break DTC (the control 
panel), but where and how?

I need to link it in such a way that DTC doesn't break it next time DTC 
does an update of anything, but where and how?

I don't know what DTC actually does or how it does it.  I think it just 
manually writes bind files, adds them to the bind conf file and then 
restarts bind to pick up the changes.

I then need to do this in such a way that the underlying config files 
are consistant with what DTC does now so that I can then recode DTC to 
do this stuff for me (and everyone else who uses DTC), but I don't know 
how I should approach that?

I haven't set up anything to do with PTR before other than setting the 
PTR records for the IPs on my own VPS server which is done by just using 
a feature in the DTC control panel.

In the case of my .nz connections, I don't have delegation of the IP 
space.  I just ask DTC to set PTR records for me at $20 a time. They 
don't have a control panel to delegate my /29

Ok. so now you understand a bit more about where I'm at.  I think the 
approach is to do what Mark says... just chip, chip, chip.

First thing is to get some sandpit in place that it doesn't matter if I 
break it and not dabble on my production systems.


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