[AusNOG] IPv6 - test ...

Jeremy Visser jeremy at visser.name
Fri Mar 8 13:37:29 EST 2013

On 08/03/13 13:27, Don Gould wrote:
> sorry guys, just ignore, I'm just running a tcp dump as requested to see
> if we can figure why my traffic isn't heading via v6.

To save further noise, five minutes ago I set up
blackhole at sunriseroad.net (dual-stack) and
blackhole at ipv6.sunriseroad.net (IPv6-only) that you can use to test.

My /etc/aliases contains:

  blackhole: "|/bin/true"

Feel free to spam that address anyone setting up IPv6 mail. Just tested
with work's Exchange 2010 server and it appears to work fine.
Interestingly enough, despite our Exchange being dual-stack, it always
prefers IPv4. Wonder if that is configurable.

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