[AusNOG] IPv6: Where's my tunnel?

Bevan Slattery Bevan.Slattery at nextdc.com
Fri Mar 8 08:03:12 EST 2013

Seemed sincere to me.


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On 08/03/2013, at 6:34 AM, Mark Smith <markzzzsmith at yahoo.com.au> wrote:

> Your sarcasm is obvious, and clearly you're the horse that doesn't want to drink water. If you don't want to learn IPv6 for your own interests or for your customers, you'd best stop wasting both your time and others' by participating here. Choosing to remain ignorant in this industry is the formula for forced, early and unexpected retirement.
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>> On 7/03/2013 10:45 p.m., Mark Newton wrote:
>>> I don't get it.
>> Sure Mark I can help explain that one.
>> Following all the ranting, which I must thank you very much for (seriously, not
>> being sarcastic there, you've empowered me with a wealth of information in
>> the past week, even if I seem a bit like a tosser who just doesn't want to
>> bother this this stuff).
>> I've decided that we're pushing in v6 where ever we can.  Tunnels,
>> native, what ever, over dial up if required.
>> I'll just come at this the other way around.
>> You quite rightly pointed out that my not dropping in v6 at the same time as v4
>> on every site, every time I touch it, is just unprofessional on my part.
>> You rightly pointed out that I should not be asking for permission, I should
>> just be doing it because from a professional point of view, that's my job.
>> As you say, I don't ask permission before I put other protocols in place
>> that I know in my professional view should be there for the customers interests.
>> In 1995, in most cases I didn't ask my customers permission to check if
>> something was Y2K compliant.  If it wasn't, I just didn't purchase it,
>> or if it was in the network, I just pulled it out as I went.
>> So I'm not going to make a big fuss with the customer about changing stuff
>> out, I'm just going to put the tunnels in (and you'll see my questions
>> on how to do that next week as I've discovered yesterday that I need some
>> help).
>> When my customer asks me why Google or what ever else has got slower recently
>> I'm just going to tell the truth - "Sir it's because we're
>> using $Provider as your ISP" and leave it at that.
>> I'm not going to engage the customer with a detailed explanation, or any
>> explanation around the technical issues.
>> I'm simply going to present them with the options to change provider if they
>> want to make it faster again.
>> As you rightly point out, my job is simply to ensure that appropriate protocols
>> are delivered to their computers and not engage them in discussion about
>> technical issues that they neither understand nor are interested in.
>> Again, thank you to you and many others for presented such comprehensive
>> information to empower me.
>> D
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