[AusNOG] IPv6: "Objections to sale"

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Hi all,
I've been a bit reluctant to jump into this thread as I'm not a network
operator and consider myself a guest of this list but I'd like to say that
those of you that haven't made the switch should really jump in, the water's
fine. If you don't have the good fortune/sense to be connected to a provider
who can give you native IPv6 access, go get a tunnel from someone and try it
out (IPv6 firewall = enabled).
I'm up in HK this week running a week of IPv6 training with ISOC-HK and
their students come to the class with all the baggage that's been very well
laid out in this thread. After Day 1 they are delighted that they see their
IPv4 skill and experience is not wasted ...they then settle into learning
the things that are different. It's the fear of the unknown and in this
case, generally, it's unfounded.
Mike Biber
(Being careful about the hat's I wear).
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>> You just don't want to do it.
> Perhaps because they don't understand it? (a general observation, not 
> directed at anyone)

"It explains why you so desperately want to believe that it's hard and
expensive and mysterious and impossible, despite the availability of so many
people who've actually done it and tell you the complete opposite." 

"It's why it's 2013 and you haven't even deployed in in the lab."

It ain't rocket science.

  - mark

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