[AusNOG] IPv4 - Where is the training? APNIC

Elly Tawhai elly at apnic.net
Wed Mar 6 19:09:36 EST 2013

Hi Don,

Thanks for your comments and feedback. Based on interest then there is a 
possibility that an IPv6 Workshop could be conducted within South 
Island. I'll contact you off list to see when would be an appropriate 
time to talk more on this.

Kind regards,

Don Gould wrote:
> Hey Elly,
> Thanks for jumping in...
> The discussion here really started out about being all about the cost of 
> resources and the slow pace of v6 uptake and use and the impending doom 
> of not having v4 resource available at any sensible price point, 
> assuming you can even get it at all.
> The accusation was made that enterprise and SMB just aren't playing the 
> game.
> I've attempted to jump back here with a bit of an out line of reasons 
> why I'm not personally playing the game for the SMB side and attempted 
> to give everyone a bit of a heads up of what my issues are and the help 
> I need because I suspect that there are just tens of thousands of IT 
> guys in the same sort of boat I'm in and a stack of the discussion 
> that's been had suggested to me that people have just lost some 
> perspective and are just blaming APNIC policy and price issues for the 
> slowness in this process.
> On a good day, it's cheaper for me to fly to Queensland than Auckland, 
> and it's cheaper to stay there on any day of the week!
> I went to a Cisco even here recently with 40 guys in the room and that 
> would have just made up a fraction of the IT community in Christchurch 
> that need to come upto speed with this v6 stuff.
> Look at the level of information I need and where heaps of the SMB guys 
> are at.
> People are here worrying about the cost of IP resource.
> They're wondering why v6 traction isn't picking up in the SMB space.
> No one in Sydney is going to deploy an region wide v6 network when they 
> just can't get SMB techs in Invercargile, Dunedin, Christchurch, 
> Queenstown, Greymouth, Nelson and Blemheim (just to name the major South 
> Island towns) who speak v6.
> As you may have read, I'm looking at getting some IP resource and was 
> quite excited about Skeeve's opening post that kicked all this 
> discussion off, but what do I actually get for my $4000NZD?
> Seems if I was setting up my network in Auckland... sweet, in Sydney, 
> even better...  but if we actually want v6 to roll past the major data 
> centres then I think we need to be doing some really serious thinking 
> about regional training and a much more granular level and not just 
> 1,000km away.
> I don't mean to sound really ungreatful for your response.
> D
> On 5/03/2013 7:30 p.m., Elly Tawhai wrote:
>> Hi Don,
>> There is not currently any APNIC IPv6 training scheduled for 
>> Christchurch. However we will be conducting an IPv6 Workshop in 
>> Auckland, which will be held on 6 - 8 May.
>> For more information and registration please visit:
>> http://training.apnic.net/events/2013/workshop-ipv6-6may13
>> If you have any queries please contact <training at apnic.net>
>> (apologies for cross list posting thought this maybe of interest to 
>> those on NZNOG list)
>> Kind regards,
>> Elly
>> Don Gould wrote:
>>> On 5/03/2013 4:23 p.m., jason andrade wrote:
>>>> From: Elly Tawhai <elly at apnic.net>
>>>> To: "ausnog at ausnog.net" <ausnog at ausnog.net>
>>>> Subject: [AusNOG] [::] APNIC IPv6 Workshop BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA 13-15 
>>>> Mar 2013
>>> Thanks.  Sorry, I missed seeing a post about APNIC running the some 
>>> training in Christchurch?
>>> Have they been running this sort of training in all the smaller 
>>> centres like Christchurch, around the region?
>>> D

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