[AusNOG] The price of v6 - Re: last mile IPv6 - Being V6 just costs me more! Right... or am I wrong about that too?!

Don Gould don at bowenvale.co.nz
Wed Mar 6 14:38:03 EST 2013

On 6/03/2013 4:26 p.m., John Lindsay wrote:
> What was the point you were trying to make?
John someone raised the question of TPG and v6.
Someone said that there's a limited number of edge providers with v6 
Jared says getting resource is getting more expensive if you can even 
get it.

What you're suggesting is that Internode is no more expensive than TPG 
in terms of value people use.

If I believe you John, then why are people asking about TPG?

Why aren't they just moving their customers to Internode?

Personally I'm only putting my customers on ISPs with native v6 if the 
infrastructures in place.

Again, we're all here pointing fingers at Skeeve and APNIC last week... 
but are we even giving the v6 ISPs our business?

No, we're not... we're sitting about asking where Telstra, iinet, TPG, 
Optus, etc are at.  Who cares where they're at.  Let's just move the 


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