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Jacob Bisby Jacob.Bisby at openet.com.au
Wed Mar 6 12:17:29 EST 2013

Internode's CTO took over the CTO role at iiNet and has stated they will support IPv6 for all customers before the end of 2013. They were running trials previously using IPv6 RD but that stopped around the same time the Internode buyout happened.

Jacob Bisby

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coming from a SMB space the largest impediment to my clients adopting
IPv6 is the lack of providers in the shallow end of the pool offering it.

Internode, Gold star for IPv6, I have some customers already using it on adsl.
As for everybody else, wth man?

What's the excuse for providers like optus/telstra/iinet not even offering a tunnel service.

Somebody mentioned it was possible to request ipv6 on optus residential 
services any more info on that?
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