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Love this idea,

I am happy to talk about the following - from a non vender point of view - even if my employer requires I take the time off.

IPv6 Transition Explained - 4in6, DS-Lite, 6rd, 6to4,  NAT64/DNS64, NAT46 and SLB-PT/SLB-64/46
CGN/LSN - the what, why, who and what we have seen of ports assignments

Thank you,

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It is a nice offer, although I fear you will be descended upon by number of organisations with $$ in their eyes.

That figure is extremely generous, but I am absolutely sure that training can be done for a hell of a lot less than that ($5000/day).  Perhaps lowering the budget would allow a little regional coverage too.

Before anyone starts trying to claim money, I'd like to see what people think the programme should look like, and who'd offer to do some pro-bono training.... this shouldn't be an opportunity for people to attempt to make some quick cash, especially with your generous donation.  I'd like to see other donations as well, of peoples time who'd be willing to do some training... especially some ISPs helping others learn from their experiences.

Things that should could be covered: (initial ideas)

- What do all the acronyms mean?
- IPv6 Transition Explained - 4in6, 6in4, 6over4, DS-Lite, 6rd, 6to4, ISATAP, NAT64, Teredo, SIIT, TSP, IVI
- CGN/LSN - who, what, why, how?  Ports ports, I'm running out of ports.
- Turning on IPv6 on your transit (simple I know, but you still need to know it) - Peering covered too
- Security - Don't turn on IPv6 until you evaluate your security regime and replicate it
- IPv6 your core.. Dual Stack/Layer 2/OSFPv3/ISIS - Juniper, Cisco covered at least. Maybe Brocade?
- WAMP and LAMP with IPv6 - what works, what doesn't
- DNS and IPv6 (Invite Mark Andrews?) - DNS64, etc.
- IPv6 and Mail
- Carrier Technology - doing IPv6 with DSL (obviously different vendors need to be considered - maybe Internode/iiNet could help)
- IPv6 and Radius - Best Practices
- OSS Considerations with IPv6 - things to think about
- Virtualisation and IPv6 ?
- CPE's - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
- CDN/etc technology?  I know F5 do something... who knows?

While some of the money can be used for venues... theres a lot of places with decent size for $1000 for the day... maybe some could be used to fly some people to different cities to deliver the information?  Those who are offering their time pro-bono just as you've offered cash should be considered first.

Maybe this is something we could talk to some of the vendors about as well.  Offer them to turn up, meet with those who use their kit and maybe take some of it off-line?  Just an idea.

APNIC normally charge for this sort of training... and theirs doesn't cover a lot of the above.... so not sure there.  They may have a venue in Brisbane though?

The Internet Society of Australia would love to be involved (I am a Director along with Paul Brooks, Narelle Clark who are also active on this list) - not really sure... but I am certain we could provide some content, and give our name as a supporter of the event.  I also expect Google would be interested in some way, there are some great people over there (one is an ISOC-AU Director as well).  Anyway, I'd love to see an event supported by a dozen organisations... maybe providing venues, etc etc.

Well, I think that is enough to start off the discussion anyway.


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On Tue, Mar 5, 2013 at 8:20 PM, Bevan Slattery <Bevan.Slattery at nextdc.com<mailto:Bevan.Slattery at nextdc.com>> wrote:
Ok.  So I've had a rant and think I'm done.  The reality is nothing is
going to change for better or for worse for the IPv4 world.  Being (very)
upset is not going to change it.


We need to get IPv6 promoted and not just once a year for IPv6 day.  So
here's a thought:

We get together not just get ISP's/content guys and host'ies, but also
vendors both big iron (Cisco, Brocade, Juniper etc.) and small tin
(residential CPE types).  Could be for a day or two (2).  People need
education and training not just ISP's but also IT integrators for SME
market place.

If it helps, I'm happy to personally put up $50,000 to either one big
training session for a few days in a capital city (east coast) or $10,000
for each of the 5 cities (Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth)
for a training day for same people.

Open to suggestions on who to run it (WAIA in WA?) or anyone at APNIC or
even AusNog ;)  Prepared to put my money where my (big) mouth is and give
up buying a /20 on eBay to promote IPv6.

Open to the not-for-profits to come up with the ideas and the popular vote
wins.  But it must be free or minimal costs for attendees and only vendors
that have IPv6 compliant equipment and IPv6 running website are allowed to
attend and promote.

It's there if people want to promote it and I'm happy with the format.



I'll even wear an "I love Skeeve T-Shirt".  Sorry mate.

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