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James Troy James.Troy at intelematics.com
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Hi all,
                I am hoping to draw on the expertise of this list, we have a site that until today has been running on a dialup connection that had a static IP address. This was working fine and was sufficient for our needs however as of today our provider EOL the product we were on an to change to another provider for dialup is quite frankly painful. The history of the site (ATV-10 Tower Ornata Road MT DANDENONG) is that it suffers from multiple lightning strikes a year and lightning rods don't always take the full hit. In fact the last major hit it had melted the copper MDF and thus it was decided that the copper would not be replaced.

Until today our dialup line has been delivered over a fibre connection, however I want to move away from this setup mainly because of how unreliable dialup is becoming (try to buy a v.92 modem quickly these days)

We had a cable connection priced up and the install alone was $500,000 and entirely unfeasible. Due to the lack of copper so is any DSL based tech. the only options I can see is a 3G connection (signal strength wont be an issue being next to the tower) however I was hoping for a fixed line solution. Can anyone else think of another way of getting a reliable, "always on" connection that will support us running a VPN over it?

FYI microwave and other wireless tech's have also been looked at but the install cost is once again unfeasible.

Perhaps if any providers already have a fibre connection to the site and can deliver I would love to hear from you.

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