[AusNOG] IPv4 - Which home router to use?

Greg McLennan mclennan at internode.on.net
Tue Mar 5 18:38:49 EST 2013

     For a cheap dual stack setup for home/small business :
Assuming you are have "adsl" grab any of the billion 7800x series for 
basic dual stack.
If you want to have SMB capability then use whatever ADSL modem you have 
on hand, set it to bridge mode, and grab a Mirotik RB951G-2HnD or 
similar, it will work for dual stack no problem(assuming your upstream 
provider does IPv6 ! ). I use a Mikrotik for Dual Stack @ home, and also 
use a Mikrotik 1100AHx2 for running in dual stack  to support 20+ end 
users at work(Stable as, not rebooted in over a year!), just make sure 
you put in some router front fire-walling for IPv6 as you should for V4 !!.


On 5/03/2013 6:22 PM, Don Gould wrote:
> On 5/03/2013 7:43 p.m., Jacob Bisby wrote:
>> Have you tried looking at any Billion hardware?
>> http://au.billion.com/product/3g/bipac7800nxl.php
>> As an example^
> Nope, didn't know where to get Billion stuff in New Zealand at a 
> sensible price.
> Price point is wholesale $70 ex GST NZ.
> I can get Mtk gear for less than that.
> D
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