[AusNOG] IPv4 - Which home router to use?

Don Gould don at bowenvale.co.nz
Tue Mar 5 17:35:00 EST 2013

On 5/03/2013 4:50 p.m., Paul Brooks wrote:
> Many of the newer consumer-level home routers do
> IPv6 now, and most of the heavy lifting is in the router - arrange a tunnel for your
> home, obtain a v6-capable gateway, turn it on, and watch the packets magically zip by
> on the net with Ethereal.
What brand and model is that one and at what price and with what features?

I've done 6 months of looking at random routers for v6 and the results 
have been just shocking.

I want a smb server built in cause everyone wants to just plug in their 
hard drive and share it with a few devices without having to have a home 
NAS on the network.

I looked at the Netcomm unit because that just looked cool.  But it 
wouldn't even do v4 PPPoE properly and after then third one I put it 
back in the box.

DLink 645 looked the go....  but it doesn't do smb properly to share the 
drive with a bunch of devices.

I asked both vendors what the firewall did.  Having a live IP on the 
customers machine, I wanted to know what the firewalls actually do.  I 
got lots of transferred alls and run around before I just gave up and 
backed away into my corner very quietly.

People keep telling me NetGear might be the go... but where to you buy 
those?  Having invested a (small by most of you's standards and massive 
by others) fortune in building my own little WISP venture out, I'll be 
buggered if I'm buying a PPPoE router for the end of it from Disk Smith!

I'm loving on the Mikrotik but it doesn't have a SMB 2 server built in 
and likes to just format your USB device with something other than 
FAT32, rendering it useless once you put it somewhere else... that's not 
going to fly with my consumers.

Follow Geekzone and everyone is singing about those German Fitz 
things... but let's get a life on the price there guys.  Kewl for early 
adoptors, but really?

I also want something that will let me land a vpn cause with wifi going 
bonkers I'm all over pushing in Unifi solutions because having just 1 AP 
in a house is just silly unless you're happy with 1mbit in the back 
rooms... which then drags the speed down for everyone.  But that 
requires a controller some where to drive it, which means a VPN as none 
of that stuff is v6 yet.  Which brings me back to Mikrotik again as been 
the coolest cheap thing...


While we're on the router issues... DHCP.... ok so that's gone west with 
my NAT... where's my DHCP options gone with it?  I need option 67 for my 
ATA's and 43 for my Unifies...  how is that information meant to be 
dealt with?


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