[AusNOG] Cloudflare offline

Brad Peczka brad at bradpeczka.com
Mon Mar 4 19:16:49 EST 2013

Just another reminder to everyone to ensure you've always got an Out-of-Band option for places you can't physically get to.

A console server and a switched PDU operating through 3G or a DSL line should be the bare minimum, depending on how important your kit is.


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They have now put up an incident report, cause was a combination of a bad rule was applied to all edge routers across all 23 global datacenters using flowspec and a bug in Junos caused the routers to have a memory leak and crash when they processed the rule, to top things off their automated recovery tools couldnt reboot/recover the vast majority of the routers automatically, and the ones they could got flooded with all the traffic the rest of them would normally handle. They ended up having to get people onsite at all datacenters to physically hard reboot the routers.

Poor guys



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30 minutes so far offline ☹

Looks to be with the DNS cluster and route withdraws.


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We are experiencing a system wide issue. Our team is investigating. Will continue to update with information.


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