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Mark Andrews marka at isc.org
Mon Mar 4 17:01:04 EST 2013

In message <011c01ce188c$c91f1ab0$5b5d5010$@rb.net.au>, "Rod Veith" writes:
> "Was v4 allocations screwed? I don't know.  We didn't know what was going to
> happen 20 years ago... It is easy to look back in hindsight."
> V4 allocations ARE screwed using hindsight. There is one camp saying get
> over it, use V6 and forget the screwed V4 allocations. And the other camp
> says why not try to fix the problem. 

I'm curious, how would you have allocated address over the last 10
years?  As far as I can tell the RIR's all have allocated address
on the basis of need.  They didn't hide the fact that IPv4 address
were in limited supply.  They did all they could to promote IPv6
which unlike IPv4 has enough addresses for everyone on the planet.

> It is typical human behaviour to sit on resources even if they are not being
> used because 'one just never knows if they might be needed in 10 years' time
> or worth something.  Just because many people and businesses do this doesn't
> make it right, just as sitting back and letting past mistakes continue is
> not right. 
> I think it is wrong of APNIC to NOT take a more proactive role in recovering
> V4 allocations that were obvious mistakes in the past, just as other
> "resource allocators" around the world should be doing the same thing. Just
> because people with allocations are going to scream "you can't take away
> something I might use one day etc etc" doesn't mean the attempt shouldn't be
> made. 

Please list actual resources that APNIC, ARIN or RIPE could recover.
> "IPv4 is dead.  People need to get over it and move to IPv6..."
> No, IPv4 is not dead. Why should people get over it when quite clearly there
> is a resource not being properly managed. People have every right to
> complain about mismanagement of an important resource. Agreed though that
> people need to move to IPv6 as they can. Problem is that many of the
> organisations with the technical knowledge and resources to move to IPv4
> have already tied up most of the IPv4 space and don't yet care, after all,
> that's a problem for the next CIO to fix.    

Is there really?  Not globally announced does not mean that they are

> APNIC needs to grow some balls on this issue and take the lead on preserving
> a scarce resource and re-allocate unused space. If they are not willing to
> behave properly, maybe the resource deserves to be given to the ITU to
> manage.

Again what usused addresses?

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