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Skeeve Stevens skeeve+ausnog at eintellegonetworks.com
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I read this when it came out.  While I understand exactly what Jeff is
saying, I personally don't agree with his approach.

I personally would like to see something else happen.... and I know this is
far out, but here goes.

I'd like to see individuals to be able to get a /48 themselves... for it to
be 'theirs' that they can take to ANY ISP they like (or more than one) and
get announced.  They could keep it for life in theory.

I see that it could be like a cell/mobile number... port it, move it
around, use it on your cell phone or anything you like... imaging wandering
into a cell store and saying 'use this /64 please for my handset'.

There is enough /48's to do that for the entire planet, squillions of times
over.... so why not?  Well, obviously BGP technology would have to change
just a little bit ;-)  But I am sure it could be done.

THEN, ISPs wouldn't even need that much space themselves if every business
and individual had their own space for all their own devices ;-)

BOOM! Mind blown.


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On Sun, Mar 3, 2013 at 6:45 PM, Paul Gear <ausnog at libertysys.com.au> wrote:

>  On 03/03/2013 05:30 PM, Skeeve Stevens wrote:
> Correct.
>  A /22 of IPv4 is equal to a /32 IPv6.  So you get up to a /32 of v6 for
> no extra fee.
>  BUT... If you are a business, expect only a /48...  If you are a Service
> Provider, you can probably justify a /32.
>  but seriously... a /48 is a TONNE for a business.  The only reason you'd
> want more is if you have multiple networks in geographic  disparate
> locations with different upstreams.
> ...
> Jeff Doyle begged to differ on this a little while back:
> http://www.networkworld.com/community/blog/logic-bad-ipv6-address-management
> TL;DR version:
>    - Businesses: allocate a /48 for every building, no matter how small.
>    - ISPs: allocate a /48 for every residential customer.
>     - Consistency is much more important than waste management.
> Paul
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