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Jared Hirst jared.hirst at serversaustralia.com.au
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There was other reason too, such as IP / network abuse, but we won’t go
into that, and it’s ONE customer sheesh, stop picking apart something just
to start an argument, your de railing from the real issue and conversation

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On 3/03/13 6:08 PM, Jared Hirst wrote:


They were customers, once I found out what they were doing. They were no
longer customers, because I have a very strong view of not abusing the
system, clearly you do not from your below post.

In that case I'm genuinely happy that your business is doing so well you
can afford to terminate customers on moral or philosophical grounds. I'm
curious what the commercials look like with regards to this. Do your
service contracts have a discretionary termination clause that governs the
commercial decisions based on your feelings being hurt?

I guess we will leave it at that, I like to do the right thing and you
think monetizing and eating available space is the best way, and also doing
nothing about existing un-used allocations.

You've misunderstood my position - I also find the concept of monetising
address space / domain names / whatever to be a grubby business. The only
place I think our position differs is that I can understand and accept that
whether I like it or not people are going to do it.

Thanks for your Input, I hope APNIC never approve space for you knowing
what you will do with it.

No problems. I hope you don't tell too many of your customers to sod off
and the arrival of cloud computing providers unencumbered by philosophical
emotions doesn't eat your business alive =)

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