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Jared Hirst jared.hirst at serversaustralia.com.au
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1.       Agreed, but that’s not me.

2.       Sorry my website is not compliant, every customer is / can be if
they want and I think that’s the main thing, the fact our website is not
right at the point is irrelevant. It’s ONE site. And its offline because
the CDN we use cannot support it, I’ll put it back to direct tomorrow to
make everyone happy.

3.       No it wouldn’t, it means there would be around 8,000 busineses
about to become richer, by selling off their space they got in the final
allocation for no reason.

4.       I’m not raging my customers? When did I say that, I think you have
totally mis-read what I have been saying… I’m with Bev on this one,
Mis-allocation and the lack of pulling back un-used allocations has got us
here, and now with low cost entry to APNIC I think more mis-allocation will
be done. We then got onto v6 and I advised that we allocate it by default
to customers, however 99% of their ISP’s are not compliant so the
allocation from us is effectively useless. I would LOVE to also see v6
working / running and implemented in 12 months as it’s so much easier to
allocate / manage and work with, but that’s just not going to happen. As
for people saying I should have planned 15 years ago, I was 10 then… and
didn’t even know what an IP was. I started planning 2 years ago after being
an IP holder for one year, so I think that people should just let that one
go, not many other businesses can say that after having a v4 allocation for
only 3 years that they have started to move to v6 yet. Most are not even
thinking / planning it.

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On 3/03/13 2:47 PM, Jared Hirst wrote:

Rather than APNIC managing, scrutinizing and asking WHY said company really
needs the IP’s they are allocating them to anyone that ‘needs’ them.

Couple of thoughts in no particular order;

1. My observation is that there are far more hosting providers hoarding
space than there are hosting customers doing the same thing.

2. You're raging against the machine about IPv6 uptake yet your AAAA's are
AWOL. I understand and think it's a great thing that you're offering it to
customers, but this dilutes your argument. Having some excuse about a
non-descript technical fault really doesn't cut it. If you want to have a
strong opinion on others not running it you really need to pick up your
game here.

3. Thinking on a macro level for a minute - I'd be absolutely stoked if we
ran out of IPv4 in the next 12 months, know why? Because it would mean that
~ 16,384 new technology companies big enough to warrant prefix allocation
had sprung up. The broader regional economic implications of this would,
IMO, far outweigh any argument for WAHHHHHH, NO CAN HAS MORE IPv4.

4. I'm not having a crack at you here - If your value system is such that
you feel compelled to rag on your customers to APNIC about perceived
resource misallocation posting it on a public mailing list from your
company email address is a s..t corporate branding exercise.

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