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>As I have always thought without forceful intervention by the governing bodies change will not come, financial incentives/penalties will be the key to this and until all big business can feel this change will not come why would it when they can CGNAT / buy more IP's / etc etc . The issue here is small to medium business who do not have the funds to buy more IP's will eventually die automatically monopolizing the market by leaving the big players which sucks for competition..../end rant. 

It won't specifically be IPv6 or running out of IPv4 addresses that will have caused these businesses to fail. What those businesses will have really done is failed to plan ahead. In this instance, they've had 10 to 15 years to prepare and plan, and to incorporate the costs of the future upgrade into their current product prices. In most other instances e.g. a new tax, they'll have less than 12 months to prepare for it. A business that can't plan ahead with a 10 to 15 year notification period probably shouldn't deserve to survive, because it also probably doing a lot of other things wrong too, and has such slim margins that it doesn't have any ability to cope with the reasonable yet unexpected cost increases. Would they survive if power prices go up by 20%?

This sounds harsh, but it is the reality. Businesses that aren't good at being a business fail, and the resources they weren't utilising very well (e.g. people, infrastructure), are absorbed into businesses that are better at being businesses.

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