[AusNOG] APNIC Slashes Costs for New Members

Karl Auer kauer at biplane.com.au
Sat Mar 2 11:45:45 EST 2013

On Sat, 2013-03-02 at 10:24 +1100, Nathan Nogic wrote:
> [a bunch of stuff]

The universe doesn't owe any of us a living. The business that depends
on IPv4 will fail. It will fail after spending ever increasing amounts
on IPv4 addresses, after sticking in CGN, after exhausting every trick
in the book, but the simple fact is that if it depends on having
any/many more IPv4 addresses than it has today, it will fail. Because,
as Nathan said, it will be unable to compete - initially because it has
expenses that others don't have, and eventually because there will be no
more IPv4 addresses to be had, not for love and not for money.

The boat is crowded - so crowded there is hardly room to move. The boat
has been leaking for years. It's been steadily filling; getting lower in
the water, harder to steer, harder to row. Only strenuous bailing has
kept it afloat this long; in fact, the occupants basically have no time
nowadays for anything except bailing. Floating alongside is a huge other
boat. It is shiny, with room for all, and while it has a few
imperfections, it is warm and dry inside and, most importantly, it does
not leak. Every time someone points to the shiny big boat and suggests
jumping aboard, a snarling argument breaks out about whose fault the
leak was, interspersed with observations about how costly and dangerous
such a jump would be. Then everybody goes back to bailing.

Regards, K.

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