[AusNOG] APNIC Slashes Costs for New Members

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>  I'm not just whinging to waste my time, I have a genuine concern that
> we will not and cannot be v6 ready by the time v4 is depleted, simple.

This is where you are wrong Jared.  IPv4 is depleted, gone, done, no more.
The scraps that are left are just to allow new businesses to get on and be
able to interact with both worlds, but they should be doing IPv6 from the

Sorry, I have a pile of customers running IPv6, including hosting
providers, tail providers, corporates, even government departments.  The
SP's are already offering IPv6 services, and while not all apps might
support it... it can be made to work.

While we only primarily deal with the infrastructure aspect, but without
your infrastructure having it, you can't go to the next level.

Tell me which operating systems used in datacentres doesn't support IPv6
already?  I have customers running Vmware, Windows, Linux, etc... all
happily on IPv6.  Most services are just fine as well... mail, web and so

While in the enterprise environment, IPv6 in my opinion isn't quite
finished and smooth as it could be, in the DC and SP world, it is pretty
much working just fine.

Anyone who isn't running it, is frankly lazy and hasn't been investing in
their own businesses future.

You can't make someone else pay for your IPv6 upgrades that you need.  IPv6
is NOT something the end user cares about or even understands.  There will
never been any business case for IPv6 apart from "STAYING IN BUSINESS".  No
one is going to pay you lots of money to host on IPv6, and nor should they.

There is actually a lot of IPv6 out there should you choose to use it.
 Just turning on your MX records with IPv6 will suddenly see a reasonable
amount of email (especially the SP big mailing-lists) come through on IPv6.

IPv6 is here... just start using it.


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