[AusNOG] APNIC Slashes Costs for New Members

Paul Brooks pbrooks-ausnog at layer10.com.au
Fri Mar 1 23:19:31 EST 2013

On 1/03/2013 9:36 PM, Jared Hirst wrote:
> If people were conservative with space, use carrier grade NAT and
> actually assigned IP's as per policy them you and I would not be
> having this conversation, end of story. There would be ample space
> available IF people followed policies.

You're right, we wouldn't be having this conversation now.

We would be where we were about three years ago - and in three years time we would be
having this same conversation.
Because if there were ample space available now, we would be allocating it out with
gay abandon to everyone who genuinely needed address space just like we did then, and
there wouldn't be any urgency to put energy into transition.

We are where we are. All the whatifs in the world won't do diddly-squat except kick
the can a little further down the road.

Human nature is to do what seems to work until it doesn't, its to react to
backpressure - until there's backpressure,  there's no incentive to change.

Welcome to the backpressure. Change.

It could have happened many years ago, or it could have happened in a few years time.
It happened to start biting hard now - lucky us.

> Call it what you like but people not following policy as got us in this position

People not following advice a decade ago to explore and deploy dual-stack is what got
us into this position.


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