[AusNOG] APNIC Slashes Costs for New Members

Martin - StudioCoast martin.sinclair at studiocoast.com.au
Fri Mar 1 21:58:40 EST 2013

Wow, it's quite an extreme position to say an SSL is not a valid reason 
for an IP address!
Deploying SNI is a customer support nightmare, it's broken (sometimes 
randomly) on many platforms that claim to support it and non-existent 
for anyone using IE on XP (and there are a lot of them!)

If SNI actually worked as advertised we could survive on the IP 
addresses we have until IPv6 is widely deployed. Sadly there will come a 
time soon where we will either have to start
turning customers away or plunging into the expensive crevasse that is 
the IP trading market!


On 1/03/2013 7:46 PM, Jared Hirst wrote:
> The fact people can now get a /22 with minimal justification and cost
> is my argument, it's now making it easy to source and hold on to for
> selling and making a profit for later. I agree there are some people
> that really do need them and I FULLY support them IF they have a REAL
> justification. (In fact i have helped many customers of mine move off
> my space to their own allocation) A justification of 'we have ssl's'
> is not longer valid in my opinion, you can use SNI or something
> similar to overcome the need for a IP for a SSL, however people still
> seem to use this excuse to gain IP space, I see it everyday in
> hosting.

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