[AusNOG] APNIC Slashes Costs for New Members

Thomas Jackson thomas at thomax.com.au
Fri Mar 1 18:12:09 EST 2013

If you can justify it another way (multihoming, "critical infrastructure"
etc), then it is quite easy to do, just fill out the forms and pay the bill.
The smallest prefix that can be (reliably) advertised is a /24, so that is
what APNIC will give you in that case. Any allocations/assignments above
that though do need more justification.

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Is it actually that easy to get an allocation now for smaller companies? I
was under the impression you still needed to justify 75% use within 6 months
or something, and that it was actually scrutinized. I'm not sure if it is
even a valid point now that the final allocation policy is active.


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