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Terry Sweetser (SkyMesh CTO) terry+AusNOG at skymesh.net.au
Fri Mar 1 14:10:04 EST 2013


and on a single box, you can still do this by binding your outbound MTA 
to localhost, and your inbound MTA to only your public ip address

and how about SFP and DKIM?


On 01/03/13 11:22, Heinz N wrote:
> IMHO : If the ausnog SMTP MTA relays for ausnog.net, then the external 
> spammer can pretend to be FROM ausnog.net, sending TO ausnog.net. The 
> SMTP agent will then relay with no questions asked. No pwnage required.
> I have had this problem before. I have set up 2 SMTP MTAs. One 
> internal and one external. The external one WILL accept email for the 
> hosted domains but it WON'T relay for them! The internal SMTP agent 
> (with trusted ACL list) is the only one that will relay for the hosted 
> domains.
> Regards,
> Heinz N. 

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