[AusNOG] Shoutcast providers in Au & Singapore

Aqius aqius at lavabit.com
Mon Feb 4 18:35:30 EST 2013

Hi All,


I'm seeking suggestions for reliable (and affordable) shoutcast providers
with infra in Au, and also affordable (and reliable) providers in Singapore
or anywhere else close offshore with good latency etc. 


Ideal requirements/specs:

-          Static (or v infrequently changed) IP address

-          Peak subscription: 500 users, 32GB data. This is typically only a
few weeks/months over the year, with the rest much lower volume.


Ability to opt TCP port and amicability towards troubleshooting with app
developer could be big + (client is moving from current setup as the app
developer is having issues).


Personal experiences and established history a +, performance logs/stats =


Direct sales welcome off list, service will be monitored 24x7 with latency
based alerting et al.







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