[AusNOG] LDAP / AD Configuration on SuperMicro IPMI Devices

David Hughes david at hughes.com.au
Mon Dec 2 10:04:31 EST 2013


I've been out of action for the last day, hence my lack of response.

No need for a long response on this.   To address the points raised

* I could have sent Daniel private email  -  I did.  I had a private email conversation him less than 24 hours prior explaining why his "adaptec raid controller" email was off topic.  That was ignored.

* Do I have a personal dislike of someone on the list?  Of course not.   We are just trying to keep the list on-topic as we are regularly asked to in private email by other list members.

* Am I up-tight?  Perhaps, I'll let you decide.  :-)

There are over 2,500 people on this list and you have all agreed to post messages in accordance with the list charter.  I'm sure the vast majority of members would appreciate it if the vast minority who regularly post off topic would make an effort to abide by the charter.



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