[AusNOG] RIPE Atlas probes at AusNOG 2013

Wolfgang Nagele wolfgang.nagele at ausregistry.com.au
Sat Aug 31 13:55:06 EST 2013


I'll be bringing along a few RIPE Atlas probes during AusNOG 2013 to hand out.

If you haven't heard of RIPE Atlas yet, read here to find out what it's all about: https://atlas.ripe.net<https://atlas.ripe.net/>

I will hand the probes to hosts depending on the location where they intend to install them. Preference will be given to areas that don't have a lot of coverage yet.
If you're interested, please send me a reply (off-list) indicating the location where you'd want to host a probe.
You can see the current coverage here: https://atlas.ripe.net/results/maps/network-coverage/

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