[AusNOG] REQUIRE - Data Transit - Global Switch Data Centre - Level 6

Chris Macko cmacko at intervolve.com.au
Sun Aug 11 19:20:41 EST 2013

Hi Guys,

We require an additional network provider away from existing providers on Level 6 of Global Switch Data Centre, as part of further upgrades.

If you're able to provide this, can you please respond offlist with the following;

1. Network map for your services at Global Switch (if available); and
2. List of your upstreams; and
3. Confirmation that you will support global BGP tables; and
4. Details of the redundancy, both in upstream provision plus international protection; and
5. Confirmation if a fully redundant service (dual handoffs/dual layer connectivity/separate peering points) is possible for these services.

If you are a fit in respect to the service provision, we will then respond to you in obtaining further pricing information, subject to meeting with our requirements. The delivery point with be within a suite on Level 6 Global Switch. Please advise if you have any questions also.

Kind Regards,

Chris Macko
Managing Director
Interhost Pacific Pty Ltd t/a Intervolve 

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