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Travers Stark travers at starkie.net
Sun Apr 28 11:28:29 EST 2013

Juniper netscreens used to do this via vsys.
Not sure if these features exist in SRX's


On 28/04/2013, at 10:31 AM, "David George" <davidg at oztix.com.au<mailto:davidg at oztix.com.au>> wrote:

Morning all,
                Does anyone know if a product exists that can allow me to act as a gateway for a bunch of different private l3/l2 networks with overlapping ips… so it’ll have to understand multiple route tables or vrf at some level (still need each customer isolated, although each customer can have multiple sites)…  and give the customers the ability to manage their own ipsec tunnels, port forwards and anything else they’re likely to want via a friendly web ui ?  The alternative is running up one vm per customer of one of the many good all-in-one router distros..  Currently each customer is handed off via a dot1q vlan.
                Or am I looking at this the wrong way, and should I move all of this onto some decent cisco kit and work on finding a friendly web ui that can manage rules relevant to the client on that device?

Thanks in advance
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