[AusNOG] News: Minister Conroy contemplating Government-Funded undersea cable?

Peter Childs PChilds at internode.com.au
Fri Sep 28 19:56:01 EST 2012

On 28/09/12 7:05 PM, "Heinz N" <ausnog at equisoft.com.au> wrote:
>At least they can afford pay for that new undersea cable they want to lay
>to New York. The small businesses of Aus will be paying for it. I hope we
>all get a discount on the bytes.

The thing that truly saddens me is that since Bond's off shored their
manufacturing even if we do all buy and wear red undies on our heads it
will not benefit the true Aussie Battlers().   Perhaps the move will
shore up the struggling local retailers like Harvey Normans so that is

Laying another subsea cable just offshore's more of the internet traffic
to cheaper overseas locations rather than encouraging investment in
locally produced packets.



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