[AusNOG] International connectivity issues?

Luca Salvatore Luca at ninefold.com
Wed Sep 19 12:01:33 EST 2012

Yes it seems to have stabilized for me also.


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Equinix have had problems – BGP peering to them and to others in Equinix went down, which will would have effected other ISPs peering with them and other interconnect peering.
The routing has stabilized and everything looks ok again for us.

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I am also seeing route issues through AAPT internationally but was intermittent.

Vocus were also having Sydney issues I see from an outage notification but that now seems stable also.

Nathan Brookfield
Chief Executive Officer

Simtronic Technologies Pty Ltd

On 19/09/2012, at 11:34, Luca Salvatore <Luca at ninefold.com<mailto:Luca at ninefold.com>> wrote:
Anyone having issues with international connectivity at the moment?
I’m seeing connectivity issues from Pingdom and USA into a few of our public networks.... Australian connectivity looks fine.

Looking at some international route view servers I see my routes have been removed from BGP table.
AAPT or PIPE links most likely.


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