[AusNOG] Maturity of the mid tier virtualization/cloud service providers in Au ?

jason andrade jason at pobox.com
Wed Oct 31 19:32:55 EST 2012


Can people chip in with feedback or opinions on the current state of the 
'cloud services' in Australia with a focus on the PaaS/IaaS parts.

I'm familiar with the larger players like Azure, Amazon and now Rackspace 
and also familiar with the other side of the market with more traditional
colo or hosting services.

What is difficult to identify are the players who are either partnering 
with or taking space in various DCs and delivering private clouds for
organizations a the ~100s to ~1000s of virtual servers (per private cloud)

In particular (given this is AusNOG) how are people then dealing with various
transmission issues like latency or capacity within Australia ?



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