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Andrew Cox andrew.cox at bigair.net.au
Fri Oct 26 17:38:12 EST 2012

Hey Qui,

While I can't offer advice on the Cisco AP's; we've got temporary and
permanent solutions in place using Ruckus wireless gear for up to 1,500
user sites with both heavy wireless users (student accommodation) and
temporary mobile clients (arts/music/film festivals ... like the one on
Cockatoo Island we're doing right now :-D ).

When determining bandwidth requirement; this depends on the type of clients
as in the 2 examples and what traffic you plan to allow/provide and what
you want to block.

If you're just expecting 90% of the people will be using Facebook and
Twitter then a 50Mbps service would (IMO) be fine provided you looked at
blocking junk traffic (bittorrent etc) and performed basic QoS.

If you're looking to provide streaming media over the wireless (lets say
someone created a fancy audio tour webpage to stream to smart phones or
tablets) then you'd likely need more and some decent QoS to ensure that
non-critical traffic types wouldn't affect the former.

I'm happy to discuss further on or off-list if you have any questions.

Andrew Cox

On 26 October 2012 13:10, Qui Le <QLe at sydneyoperahouse.com> wrote:

> Hi All,****
> ** **
> We have a request for providing wifi accesses to a large number of users
> say 1000 users mainly using social application such as , facebook , twitter
> etc.****
> ** **
> Just wondering if anyone could advise what is the maximum users can a
> Cisco AP Wifi air-lap1142N can support.****
> ** **
> And what is acceptable bandwidth to support 1000 users.****
> ** **
> Thanks****
> QL****
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