[AusNOG] Experience with Global Switch, Sydney?

Julien Goodwin ausnog at studio442.com.au
Mon Oct 22 14:37:45 EST 2012

I walk past GS on my way to/from work, and yes for once they're
*actually* digging it up, it could be just to redo the surface, but it
is more then just a parking lot.

On 22/10/12 14:32, Seamus Ryan wrote:
> Are they actually digging it up or does it just look like they are digging it up?
> Many times I have driven past GS, glanced over and seen a number of construction vehicles in that area. I would think to myself "huzzah, construction has started at last"
> That was three years ago....
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> On 22/10/12 09:08, Matt Perkins wrote:
>> That's a good summary of what it's like at GS.  The only thing I can 
>> add is when you are man handling a large server from the dock 2km down 
>> to your suite through numerous doors and cage's  with no trolly after 
>> making your way back down to the dock you were only just at 10 minutes 
>> before because you had to go through the stupid man trap.  Just as you 
>> collapse without even some old cardboard to break your fall (cardboard
>> banned)  You will be dreading the day you ever heard the name global 
>> switch.
> That reminds me, they're currently digging up the back of GS, does anyone know if this is construction on part 2 starting?
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